Adult & Child Psychiatry

The Center for Emotional Fitness (CFEF) is a comprehensive mental-health treatment center located in Cherry Hill, NJ.  CFEF offers psychiatric services provided by Dr. Leon Rosenberg and Dr. Jake Rosenberg that include medication management, psychotherapy, addiction treatment, family counseling, group therapy, hypnosis and hypnotherapy.  We also conduct research studies (clinical trials) that evaluate new psychiatric medications, which can provide a cost-free alternative to traditional psychiatric care.

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Shore Therapy is located in Galloway, NJ.  At Shore Therapy, Dr. Leon Rosenberg performs Independent medical/psychiatric evaluations, child study team evaluations and peer review evaluations.  Appointments at Shore Therapy are conveniently made through the Center for Emotional Fitness, at 856-857-9500

Appointments are available every weekday and 24-hour emergency care is provided.

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Patient Evaluation Forms (Not for Research Studies):

So that we can fully evaluate your medical needs, please fill out our Patient Form (see link below) and bring
it with you at the time of your initial appointment.

If a relative or friend who is a primary person in your life is coming with you to the visit, please have them complete a Relative/Friend form (see link below) and bring it with them at the time of your appointment. It will be helpful during your evaluation.

Please complete the form(s) prior to your visit. 
Option 1: Print out the pdf and complete by hand
Option 2: Type in
the fillable Word form - Enable editing and complete on computer - Save it and print it out

Click on the appropriate links(s):      PATIENT FORM (pdf)                          PATIENT FORM (Word)
                                                                        RELATIVE/FRIEND FORM (pdf)         RELATIVE/FRIEND FORM (Word) 

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